Dynamicaly name arrays

Could someone tellme why the following script is not working?

on (release) {
var set1 = [34, 19, -7];
var set2 = [39, 34, -3];
var init = “set1[”+0+"]";
var cond = “set1[”+1+"]";
for (i=init; i>cond; i–) {
if (i == _root.A.Age) {
//_root.A.Age is the input field on the main stage of the movie
} else {
trace(“no match”);


var init = “set1[”+0+"]";
var cond = “set1[”+1+"]";

should read:

var init = set1[0];
var cond = set1[1];

also your for loop is a little strange:

for (i=init; i>cond; i–)

you’re checking if i will be greater than cond, but then your decrementing i each time. if i is higher than cond to start with, it won’t even run once, if it’s less, it’ll run indefinitely.

supra, just feels good to see a few clear lines from you from time 2 time, right to the point as always…howdy?