E-Commerce Site

[size=9][color=#504934]I have been working on a site for my friend so that he might have an E-Commerce shop going soon for his record company in Gulf Breeze. I was wondering if I could get some Opinions(Not Bad ones) about my current design idea. I hope you like it. I am having trouble with a bit of a floater, the area for the account settings in the right hand side of the title bar. it is about 4 or 6 pixels off in IE and it float about 16 pixels upward on safari so that is a CSS trick I am going to have to find out soon.[/color][/size]

[size=7](it is an image because I am holding it off the Internet until its done.)[/size]

[size=7](OK Here it is the part you’ve, been waiting for, the browser rendering problem)[/size]