what about making a new BBCode.
an Edit tag. [e][/e]

because some times i come across people that have edited there post.



Would be cool if it showed the date that it had been edited.:slight_smile:

Eehm … there’s already an indication when a post has been edited … and most people use * or *edit when they want others to know what has changed. So I think and e tag is not needed.

*See ?

a lot of people use [edit][/edit] too to show they’ve editid their post (and how)

yeah, well ppl used to use the same [rant] tags, and kirupa made working rant tags anyway :slight_smile:

Rant tags ? [r]Argh ?[/r]

its r


but what would an edit tag do? More color changing?

The only other tag Ive wanted is like a whisper tag. Somehing that would make text small and light in color.



oh yeah a whisper tag would be awesome…

[r]whisper tags :scream: ![/r]

Besides, making a new BBCode for an [e][/e] tag won’t work on this forum, since it is vBulletin and uses vbCode :wink:

But I have to agree with Sen, what would the [e][/e] (or [edit][/edit]) tags do that would make them better than just typing “edit” or something?

I don’t think an edit one is needed, but the whisper one sounds really good! :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

I agree with whisper too.

I think I posted this thought a while ago with the same reason and response… :rolleyes: