E-mailing a comment

how do you make a simple comment poster

were you have:




SEND <sends to your e-mail address>


also were can i find inseration for people, so i got something to work from, they need to be a cartoon style but not to over the top.

thanks very much!:rambo: (i like that smilie)



that is for flash 4+5 i need MX

does someone not just have a premade one i can use but change the e-mail address

What was for Flash 4+5? That works fine for MX. I use MX, which is with what I did the one on my site.

is there not a premade one i can use but change were the comments go

come on now, are you not willing to put in a little work yourself?? it isnt exactly a big project… look at the tuts and it wont take you very long, if you hit any snags - post here.


i can but i have a bigger project so i thought it would save time

go to actionscript.org … there is a tut there that has both the Flash MX portion and the PHP page you need to code too. Enjoy.


The link I posted, points to someone asking the same question. And the link to the actionscript.org tutorial is there.