Anyone been? The boss is registering me now WOOHOO! (its like a dream come true! though if we have a lot of projects up during the time of the expo, I wont be able to go) - still this is the closest Ive ever gotten to going :wink: just that makes me happier than a puppy with two peters =)


thats sweet man , i wish i had access to go to one of the shows…just to be abel to play al the games long before they ever hit shelves :sigh:

he he he…

He said puppy with two peters…

he he he

Congrats man… holds secret meeting to jump sen and take his ticket

My friend went to E3 before, his uncle took him because he got two passes. He said it was awesome. He called me a few times from there, thats about the closest I ever was to it…lol.


I had a girl pay me a dollar once to tell our science teacher I was happier than a puppy with two peters right after a big test. I said,

“Hi mr miller, heres my test… by the way, how are you today?”
he replied with, “Fine trevor little buddy, how about you?”

one girl freaked out and screamed “Oh my gawd what did he just say???” while most everyone else laughed. Mr miller just looked at me like :!: for a little bit, then turned his head and went back to collecting tests. He was an odd man saying “little buddy” after your name if you were a guy and “louise” after if you were a girl EVERY time he said your name. Bonnie-louise promptly payed up after class so I got to have some candy for desert at lunch lol… crazy freshmen we were… good times.

PS if I DO get to go, I can call you from the showfloor if you want lost :wink:

Hehe. I once told my teacher she was a f’in b**** and she didn’t know how to do her job because she was an idiot. I didn’t get paid, but I didn’t get in trouble either. Everyone knew it, I am pretty sure she did as well :sleep:

Hehe, that would be awesome Sen! But you would hate to talk to me on the phone… unless you enjoy dead air. I am not a very good conversationalist :-\ :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… Let’s see…

My Am. History teacher was pretty cool… Mr. Amrosio… he gave us a test one time without warning and I was like…

“Hey Mr. Ambrosio… You do know this is bull****.”
“What do you mean Mr. Statler.”
“Well. You told us yesterday there wouldn’t be a test on this stuff and now BAM you pop a test… What kind acrap-ola is that?”
“I’m the teacher… You’re the student… Shut up and take the test.”
flips Mr Ambrosio off
“Mr Statler did you just flip me off.”
“Yes Sir I did.”
“Just take the test would ya.”

Had a conference after that day then and we just laughed… he didn’t think I’d ever do something liekt hat so it caught him by Surprise… hehehe

hehe… same thing in my situation :pirate:

its fun catching teachers by surprise and watching them panick :wink:

lol all my teachers were smart :-\ there was no way to insult their intelligence because I knew I couldnt :!: but saying unusual things in the middle of a quite class situation never hurt. No one really gave the teachers crap though. It was all pretty tame in my school. Once teacher did get punched in the face once and had a black eye for a few weeks… older lady too. She wasnt very nice so no one had pity for her, but thats the worst thing that ever happened there by far. She was actually trying to break up a fight (I think there were 3 total in my entire time there) and she got a lose fist in the face.

It was so ‘tame’ that for a senior prank one year, the seniors bought a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH) of golf balls and let them loose in the hallway. … oooooooooh golfballs, Im scared! Who thought that one up? It was actually great because I got about 50 free golf balls out of the deal. No one fell or anything; everyone just got them selves some new golf balls to take home with them. The teachers too were snatching them up. They were probably more excited about it then we were!

…come to think of it, it was a pretty lame and boring school. =)

Yeah… My senior prank… me and 3 other guys took the trojan statue (we were the Chambersburg Trojans) and we put him in the middle of the football field and did some freaky things to it… We had another statue and they were doing some things…

We have seen the golf ball thing done before cept the one year they unleashed about 1000 golf balls… Down the stairs and everything… I think 2 kids had to go home for bumps on their heads… lmao

Umm Many of things… We were pretty evil… hehe

We didn’t have a senior prank, but we did have a few bomb threats… does that count?

Ahh we had a couple of those too… I would always stand outside and laugh too… For some reason they always cameand quistioned me then… Dmamit I’m not a bomber… I just thought it was funny that everyone panicked like that :slight_smile:

Hehe, yeah. We would all have to go outside and stand across the street. In a school of about 6,000 students could you imagine that scene?

I usually walked home. We stand outside for 45 minutes and up (we were outside for almost 2 hours once before) while they do their thing anyway, it took me 40 minutes to walk home. I was ahead of all my classmates anyway (literally) so I would have just slept in class anyway because I did most of the work beforehand.