E4X Problem

Hey Gang,

I’m still not totally understanding the whole “E4X” thing… overall I’m getting better, but I’m having an issue at the moment…

Say I have some XML that looks like this…

<a id=1>
   <achild id=100>Jonas</achild>
   <achild id=101>Mattias</achild>

That’s very simple example, mind you, but what I want to do is edit the Jonas property, so I would have (assuming I have the entire XML saved as ‘data’)

data..achild.(@id == 100)

But that gives me an XMLList so I cannot make any simple edits, I’ve tried

data..achild.(@id == 100).text = "Fred"

But that is giving me two <achild id=100> nodes with the first not having a closing tag…

If anyone could give me a hand it would be a great help! Thanks a lot!!

**Of course I post and then figure it out, I needed to reference it as an array so data…achild.(@id == 100)[0] worked… thanks for checking though!