Eas movement

i’ve been fighting with this and can’t figure it out
i have the menu as you can see in the attached interface the menu is an external swf.
ok … what i want to do in this menu swf is , when you click let say Home , home moves up then goes right as the other move down and go left, they must form like a pyramid … > so the home button is above the middle button of the other three !!

i’ve done it , but i want to add easing to it , and that is my problem … i followed the easing tutorial but i can’t make it work for me !!

i want to put all the coding in a layer… (or do i have to put it on the mc’s )

forgot this.

if you post your fla it will ease things up for us to help you :wink:

ok/… this is the menu.fla…
it has no actionsscript in it 'cause i was so frustrated that i deleted all, but they didn’t work so it doesn’t matter !!