Ease to mouse + hitTest + scroll

Okay I have kind of a unique situation. I have a scrolling MC beneath a mask. I have a little bar that eases to the mouse when the mouse is on the scrolling MC using hitTest. That way no easing occurs when the mouse moves off the masked MC.

What I am wondering is: is it possible to have the ease bar stay where it is if the hitTest is false when scrolling? So if I move the mouse off the scrolling MC then the ease bar just sits. Right now if I scroll, the scrolling MC rolls beneath the ease bar. I would like for the ease bar to scroll with the MC.

The scrollling MC is made up of duplicated movie clips and I can’t figure out how to target them (for the hitTest) otherwise I’d just put the ease mc in the scrolling MC.

This may be easier viewed than read so here is the attached fla. Special thanks to Claudio for helping me with the duplicated MC with text!