Easing- can anyone help (i'm looking at you beta-x)!

hey everyone,

I am trying to get good at using robert penner’s easing equations


Easing to a point is easy (sorry for the pun)!

But what if you want to get an object to accelaerate to a point?

or go fast then slow down?

i have seen this used really effectively in the playground of


but how about some more basic examples (or better tutorials) for this stuff?

Lostinbeta’s tutorials are brilliant, maybe you could write a couple more (i’m being cheeky - sorry)!

Anyway if someone has some good source code i could have a look at, or anything that might help - it would be appreciated.

by the way just to let you know what i found so far…


and of course the 2 tutorials in kirupa (again thanks beta).



'DOH! Ilyas sent me a link to Robert Penners easing equations a while ago.

I was supposed to study them but never got around to it. :-\


I am glad you enjoyed my tutorials =)

The kind of tweening done on that site you showed me is way advanced. I am not sure quite how to do it. I need to study penners code… :::sigh:::

beta-x (and everyone else),

Keith peters from bit-101 kinldy sent me this forum thread


This is AMAZING. The easing equations are incredible, and once you’ve read the post, pretty easy to understand.

Everyone go get it and explore the joy of easing!

Thanks Keith!

Thank you for sharing that KS, it is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Man, thats really cool, i always check were-here, but did’nt c that thread:(, nevermind:P