Easing goes back to original _x

so yeah im trying to do this easing menu bar thing and it keeps going back to the same postion and i cant figure out why, its kind of acting like _X is a constant instead of its current _x. heres a link to the actual http://www.geocities.com/tigeronfire445/pinkrobots/pinkRobots1.htm
and yeah.

i can e-mail somebody the fla if theyre interested but yeah.

the way i have it set-up is once you click one of the buttons it goes a to a frame and the “bar” (the orange bar thing) in that frame has enter frame AS on it any ways heres the AS on the bar.

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
speed = 5
endX = -163.4;
_x += (endX-_x)/speed;


without looking at the fla,
i think you need to
not keyframe the gradient thing
and with each of the buttons
write something like:“
_root.bar.endX = - 163’

that is pretty weird, I cant see why its doing that. An .fla might be helpful.

I think expensive_pen is pushing you in the right direction. you’re setting the var endX on enterframe, so whatever you put in the button, it’s overwritten and therefore it will allways go to -163.4
Try this

onClipEvent (load) {
	speed = 5;
	//goes at start to -163.4
	endX = -163.4;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	_x += (endX-_x)/speed;

and on your button

on (release) {
	//set the value you want to ease to
	_root.bar.endX = -100;


awesome help scptty worked perfectly.