Easter Egg Hunt


I would greatly appreciate your help in finding these things for a site revamp I’m doing. I have already searched google and tutorials so please don’t jsut say try google. 10 points for each example you find me.

[COLOR=gray]1.) Images of Vintage Paper or a tutorial on how to create that style. I’m not looking for a torn edges kind of style, but the texture of the paper itself. Image 1920’s newsprint or kind of wrinkled.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=gray]2.) A vintage photo album page. I’m not sure what it’s called but imagine a page that has one place in the middle to attatch a photo. You slip the photo in and then two diagnol strips ribbon at opposite corners hold the photo in.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=gray]4.) AS examples of how to watch the X and Y position of a movie clip. So if you click a movie clip it prints the x and y value of it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=gray]5.) AS or tutorial on how to create the masking effect over text to make it look like it is being erased, and or written. Is this done with tweens or AS?[/COLOR]

I love you all and thanks for the support.

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