Easy Content Boxes


I’ve been working on this project to use for my own site for a bit now, and learning Flash at the same time (almost a month now). Basicly all it is is an easy to use system for content to be placed on a box. Like the resizing boxes you see everywhere. The only difference (ATM) is the box can be minimized and closed. I plan on adding the ability to maximize, and bounds (ie. cant go past x/y position), amoung other things. If you want you can see the documentation: http://missionsecondary.sd75.mission.bc.ca/dae/Documentation.rtf I estimate this project is about 50% of my site, so my sites half done of what this is done ATM (aka. basicly none of my site accept this project is done yet).

The class is 575 lines long, but I estimate 40% is comments and commented out code. ATM the source isn’t available for download, because I would prefer to organize/optimize/etc., and probably wont be until v1.0.0. However, if anyone really does want to see the unorganized beast, I could send the files (along with the site, to show usage) via email. I have plans to make it much easier to use, and customize, in the future.

What I wanted was to get peoples opinions on something. I was thinking about making the boxes have a zoom blur effect, which should make it look less odd when docking, and better when changing its specs (size/position), but would it make it look cooler? or cheesy. I’m sure a blur effect would look great on a gaming style website or something, but I’m not sure its right for every site, so maybe make it an option? I want to know because in order for it to be successfully incorperated I should probably look into doing it right away (so I dont have to backtrack to add the feature). I also think it would be cool to add a feature like http://www.thibaud.be/ when you throw the boxes, but add the blur effect (which I’ve seen a tutorial on, throwing with a blur). Opinions?

I also wanted to know if anyone spots any bugs, because ATM the only real “bugs” I know of is the menu isnt in synch with the windows (but thats not part of the class). The menu is not part of the class. I also wouldn’t mind suggestions, hehe, because I love adding to the to-do list… and aspiring to make a very complete system.

Heres the example:

There is no preloader yet, and the size/process might be huge because it isn’t optimized yet. I could change the speed and the way the position/size go easily, but this is the best I could think to have it. ATM no content is on the boxes, but in the future it will flash onto there (or whatever intro is customized).

I’ll be updating the topic with “break-through” versions later.