Easy custom scrollbar? Flash MX help!

I have a dynamic text box that is getting its content from a .txt file. I have a simple scrollbar that has a slider insde of a box that denotes the length of the path. What is the simplest way to program this scrollbar?


Something like this?

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I have another question for you!
I have this navigation bar as follows:

news about links music

the dotted line is a thin colored bar. what i want to do is have that thin bar follow the user’s mouse across (horizontally) based if they roll over one of the other sections. i cant figure out anything but having the bar follow the mouse, and it goes all over the screen which is not what i want. i need it to be restricted to a specific area and its not working.

can you help me?

Can you post your fla?

Sure, here it is…

I couldnt open your file with flash mx and mx2004.
Are you on a Mac? If so, try zipping the file.

Hey! Thanx for your great last post. I’ve been looking for an easy customizable scrollbar for a real long time! I have the following question:

How do I make the dragger move if you push one of the arrow buttons (I added those: they scroll the text too) or if someone uses the middle mouse button to scroll? I can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen.

I’ve attached the .fla (MX 2004)

Thanks! :thumb:


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