Easy gradient button

Here is a little thing I came across while I was working tonight; you might think it’s stupid but here it is anywayz.

To create a gradient button:

  1. Using the Rectangle tool create a rectangle the size of your button. (Hint: if you want rounded edges, click on the Rounded Rectangle Radius button on the bottom of the tool bar.)

  2. Select your rectangle, and click Modify --> Transform --> Rotate 90 degrees CW.

  3. Select the Paint Bucket tool from the tool bar, and make sure that the Color Mixer panel is open in the top-right corner (If the color mixer panel is not open, click Window --> Design Panels --> Color Mixer). On the color mixer, select Linear. You should see 2 arrows pointing on a bar (probably black and white). Click on the first one and in the box below enter the hex number of your color in the box. (i.e., #23d32.) Do the same with the other arrow.

  4. Select your button, and click Modify --> Transform --> Rotate 90 degrees CCW.

  5. If you wish, add text to the button you have created, and make it a symbol by pressing F8.

There ya go! A nice gradient button. :thumb: