Easy programmation execpt for me

Okay here we start. (I’m sure that’s totally easy to do but i’m not the best in action script)

So first on all on my scene there is a mc called building_mc and another mc called chance_mc.

In the building_mc there is 24 button (all the windows; named bt1 … bt2 till bt24 ) and the are working.
In my chance_mc I put a dynamic text field that I call chance (instance name).

I put a little programmation on

set (chance,4);
if (chance=4) {this.chance_mc._alpha=0
else {this.chance_mc._alpha=100
if (chance=1) {this.chance_mc._gotoandStop(2);
if (chance=0) {gotoAndPlay(80);

What I want to do is quite simple, I want that when to click on a button (bt1 for exemple), it set the to chance - 1 (for now 3) and until 0 and then you go to the frame 80.

Also my button have 5 frame (on,over,down,hit, 5) is that possible to set the button that after you click on it stay on the frame 5??

Thanks a lot