Easy Question, Please Help


I am making a new website. It is an all flash website. I have my main layer that has the links and the layout. How do I make it so the layer can be shown throught the whole timeline? So I can add new layers and do motion tweens, while the main layout is still in the background. Please help me. Thanks

Hmmm…I think if I understand your question then just add moire frames to the layer. Also, make everything else symbols to place on top of the layer.


the problem with adding more frames to the layer, is if i wish to add something to the layer later, it doesnt show up in the frames in the beginning. Do you know what i mean? Pleae help me because i know there is a way. I can tell by looking at other ppls webpages. Thank for the advice.

Two suggestions right off the bat.

A) don’t use more than one scene, unless you’ve got a particular reason to. When you change scenes, you’ll need to set up all of the elements of your site again on each new one. There are also some nuances to scene navigation that you may not be ready for yet.

B) read up on movie clips. A movie clip is a self encapsulated timeline. You can set them up on a frame in the timeline, and they will do their thing, regardless of what the rest of the timeline is doing.

Keep in mind also that making a web page with Flash might seem pretty easy, but it’s far more difficult than doing so in HTML. You may need to learn more before you’ll be able to make a really phat site.

Hey thanks david.
I will read up on it.

To me it sounds like you just need to make more layers. If you have a background you want the same throughout the whole movie make a layer called Background. Keep it as the bottom most layer and lock it. Go to the last frame you have used for your movie and on your background layer add frame (not add keyframe) This will allow you to have the same background layout for the entire movie. Not sure if this helps you with your problem or not.