Easy Random Color & time

Hi guys,

at first i want to than **POM :cowboy: ** for third time :slight_smile: for his nice tutorial [color=red]Easy Random Color[/color] then i want to make random color, it’s ok… i did it but i need to random color after 10 seconds for example for each time not to be continue all time…

here is the code for random color

myColor = Math.round( Math.random()*0xFFFFFF );
myColoredObject = new Color (_root.myClip);

How can i do it? :slight_smile:

Looks like you got your answer from Billy :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :slight_smile:

ohhhh **POm:cowboy: ** you tracing me…heheheheh
yes i got answer from Billy but i posted it here first…i think the site has problems, i can’t see www.kirupa.com
so i posted it at…:smiley:

see you in next thread…hahahahahhhhh

um is this site having problems? because lots of the pics arn’t showing up…and yeah i can’t get to www.kirupa.com…very strange… :rambo: