Easy way find FPS?

Hi I’m loading in external SWF files and was wondering if there is a way to quickly find the framerate of these loaded SWFs. I’m trying to find the framerate so I can make a conversion to get a playback format like this “00:01:36”. Thanks!

Well, Im not sure what your asking for, but keep in mind that loaded swfs automatically take on the fps of the _root.

Oh thats the answer I needed, thanks.

unless the loaded swf has streaming sound within, then the fps will match that of the timeline playing the streaming sound.

So if I load a 30 FPS SWF (w/ sound) into a movie running at 24 FPS the loaded movie will still run at 30 FPS?

if the sound sync is stream

FPS info might help

Here’s how I used it to test a game:

Findal :ch: