so i wanna write an ebook…
does anyone wanna reccomend a good program?
should i even use a program? or do you think i should do something else like flash? ah. that sounds liek a good idea
maybe ill use flash. wee! exes galore!

lol did you just answer you’re own question? :wink:

What’s it gonna be about? Me help? :beam:

  • Soul :s:

hmm quark? i know thats a good print one but it might work for ebooks too, what will it be about tho?

ok. here’s my idea, dont steal it. :wink:

the title will be :

How to Do Stuff

and the book will be about, well, the title is pretty self explanitory. it will have everything from flash script to program tricks, to tweaking computers, to information about stuff, basically a place to store all my knowledge about stuff this way i don’t forget. and maybe help other people too. it’s gonna go beyond computers though and explain how to do other stuff, like change your oil, or switch form hardtop to softop on a jeep, or building stuff, or stuff like that. basically, everything i know.
it will be like having a digital brain. cuz i have a tendancy to misplace my real one.

oh cool. sounds good. kinda like the way things work book? only how to make stuff work lol :stuck_out_tongue: well sounds cool…(sends copy off to the publisher) lol. my mom wants to write a novel. donno if she will though.

haha that’s awesome

I love writing :love:

Hehe cool idea, you should get everyone you know to add something, and us too! :beam:

  • Soul :s:

groovy idea soul. :beam: but then id have to pay you all. :stuck_out_tongue:

eyah like how to spam in random. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno about everyone else but I just need payin’ in luuurve :wink:



don’t you sleep soul? isn’t it like 4am there?


(that was your bonus! hehehe :wink: )

Yes it’s 4am, my body has evolved not to need sleep :bad:

I’ve got your bonus in my jeans golgi :wink:

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*Originally posted by Soul *
**Yes it’s 4am, my body has evolved not to need sleep :bad:

I’ve got your bonus in my jeans golgi :wink:

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holy poo!

Other side :-\ lol

i was exclaiming at your lack of sleep!

Oh lol :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll go if you don’t want me! :frowning:


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pppffffffffffffffft, if you don’t want him I’ll take him