Ecommerce person who can build shopping cart - paid work of course

A job has been offered to me and the client is going to want a shopping cart

I don’t have the technical knowledge to build one and need a second person to come in on me with this.

the site would be similar to this one (in terms of having a buy button and a shopping cart that fills up as the buy buttons are pressed)- but nowhere near as many options or products.

further info:

  1. in terms of the design of the site - I would do this in photoshop as a mock up.

  2. you would take the photoshop file and build the site from that using css for as much as possible for styling text such as headers etc. It can be tables based but pure css layout that validates is prefered.

  3. this is a paid job of course.

  4. if you email me - a link to some of your earlier work is required.

  5. it will use credit card transactions.

email me at:

lilolcarlos at aol dot com