EDWIN drawing( video!)

Its a 2mb file. it should only take like 30sec to load on broadband and around 5min for 56k. I just DL the hyper cam software. Its me messing around in painter…the music in the backround is from a live recording of my fav band, estradasphere.

Video uses DIVx

http://www.edwinrosero.com/drawvid.avi <- tell me what u think!

made another one too http://www.edwinrosero.com/drawvid2.avi

I DL’ed it, and tried running it…

No asking for any codecs?

My WMP just tried to contact some site for codecs, and came back with nuttin’… :-\

I can play the sound tho… :stuck_out_tongue: THAT works fine…

So… I can’t view it… :frowning:

And I HAVE divx installed… believe me… :evil:

I didn’t get asked to download any codecs, but I didn’t see video, just heard sound.

Also, the second movies link doesn’t work for me.

you saw sound? wauw… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should re-read my post :stuck_out_tongue:


im using divx 5.02 thats why

www.divx.com :slight_smile: should work

ah, just a new version of divx… of course (doh)

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

jesus! u r fast!

Ah, 2 most excellent drawings!!!

Did you do that with your tablet or with your mouse? If that was done with a mouse, it is even more impressive!

Keep up the good work (as if you wouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue: ) =)