Effect on a dyn. create textfield?

Hi there,

Got some textfields created based on a xml file. Now I want

1 An buildup effect
2 textfields must functions as nav -buttons.

ad 1 I got this WordBuildUp function

function WordBuildUp (text) {
	//instance name is txt  variable name is txt2
	txt.autoSize = true;
	txt.multiline = false;
	txt.wordWrap = false;

	var AsciiS = new Array();
	for (i=0; i<text.length; i++) {
	_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
		txt2 = "";
		for (i=0; i<text.length; i++) {
			txt2 += String.fromCharCode(AsciiS*+j);
		if (j==11) _root.onEnterFrame = null;
}//ende function

WordBuildUp("This is a static test");

I want to call/use this function with these created textfields

function dynTxtField(n, x, y, deText) { 
//main nav should only be placed vertical
//n = counter
		createTextField("navTxt"+n, n, x*50, y*60, 100, 20);
		this_txt = this["navTxt"+n];
		this_txt.border = false;
		this_txt.multiline = false;
		this_txt.wordWrap = false;
		this_txt.size = 12;
		this_txt.font = "arial";
		this_txt.autosize = true;
		//this_txt.variable ="txt"+n;
		this_txt.text = deText;
		//this_txt.text = WordBuildUp("navTxt"+n, deText); 
		//WordBuildUp("navTxt"+n, deText);
		//this_txt._visible = true;

Any ideas where to go from here???

ad2 I was wondering if I could use these textfields as menubuttons or should I use attachMovie???

Tx in advance