Very easy but it gives a nice effect…\r(not very hard to guess how it’s done)\rtHe eFFeCT\r\r—\r

Actually. I’m very interested in how you did this. The last time I’d seen the “wobble” effect it was done with Director and Flash. Is this one done entirely with Flash? I’d love to know the coding.

me 2, please.

Actually it’s very easy…\rThat’s just 1 picture divided to 4 movieclips\rAnd each movieclip’s size (height and width) depends where the cursor is.\rLike the upper left picture’s lower right corner follows the mouse.\rSo If the cursor’s position is 20:45 then the upper left picture’s width is 20 and height 45. \rAnd upper right picture’s width is <movie width> - <upper left mc width.\rI hope you got the point.\rSo if the movie width is 1000 and cursor pos is 50(x) and 60(y)\rThen the upper-left mc width should be 50 and height 60\rAnd upper-right mc widht should be 1000-upperleft.width\rI saw that effect at deviantart.com and thought… let’s try it out-nice effect\rsee for yourself (flash mx required to see this)\reffect->fla

interesting… you know, after working with Flash 5.0 for a while I had the distinct impression that it could be done with just Flash. Just never got it to work right.\r\rIs there anyway you can save that out as a Flash 5.0 file for me to see? I haven’t been able to scratch together the fundage for MX yet.

There ya go!\reffect in Flash 5.0\r—\rdoh’ my internet explorer must be F#&%ED up. I can’t see any .swfs anymore :frowning: \r(I can’t even see my own signature here!!!) gotta fix it

Thank you so much. This will be a welcome addition to my arsenal of effects. Once I’ve decyphered it I’ll be building my second major tutorial based upon it. rayoflight revisited being the first.

No problem! I glad I could help!\rBut thank deviantart.com where I got the Idea! :slight_smile: \r— Got my IE fixed :slight_smile:

as long as you designed it, the credit will go to you. Ideas come from everywhere. :slight_smile:

As I said before: I’m glad I could help… or sumthin…\rSo anyway you can get a lot of ideas from anfy…\rThere are awesome effects. Might as well start figuring out how to make 'em in flash :slight_smile: \r(–\rwww.anfyteam.com\rand the “get it” btn , download the progr…\rWha the hell am I talking. You probably already knew that stuff ages ago didncha? or… wutever\r–)

If you move the curser as low as you can in that movie, and then slowly move the mouse left and right, it’ll make an awsome 3D effect! Look at the middle building while doing this! IT’S AMAZING!!!\r\r----------------------------------------\rP.S.\rI got a new intro for my site… Nothing biggie…

I really enjoy that intro btw. I’m a big aliens fan. :slight_smile:

That intro is awesome! Nice 3D Spaceships…