hello, new to flash need some help or at least some direction, how do i go about trying to do this effect…well let me explain before you check out the link…if you navigate through the site the lines that open up into boxes and have text in them is what i am trying to learn how to do, i like the transitions as you navigate through (all except the vibration that occurs for a second or 2)

the link http://eleven50.com

crate an MC that is the animation of the line opening up into your desired box. At the end of the animation have your text box appear in the newly opened box (in the last keyframe) - a simple effect, but it does look nice. This is how the mainlounge and aqua area look - the gallery and even planning add a bit more animation to spice it up… hope this gets you started.


thank you very much

here is a zip.

Thank you so much Ryall, so nice of you

Glad I could help, if you need any further assistance just post away!