Empty your PM box for Christ’s sake!! I’ve been trying to answer your for a few days, but it’s full all the time…

pom :slight_smile:


Is there a limit to it? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry pom! :frowning:

Emtying underway…

(Each day you lean a new thing)

Emtying complete…

PM away!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Both you and Kirupa really dig that cowboy smilie huh??

Hmm? Dunno what you’re talking about.

pom :cowboy:

Oh yes you do… :slight_smile:

There are other ones that I love too, but I have to open the other window to get them, so I almost never do it…:+) (-: :crazy: :beam:

I know, me too :slight_smile:

my fav is this one --> :stuck_out_tongue:

no need for opening any windows :slight_smile: