Email and Button glitch

I’ve been working on a Flash resume site which you can currently view here:

Two glitches I cannot understand are the following:

  1. When you click a button (say Graphic Design), it goes to the appropriate page. When you click that same button a second time, it takes you to the section underneath it. Click it a third time, back to the intended section… why? How do I fix them?

  2. When you go to the Contact Me section, various Actionscript code are in the text fields for the form already, as opposed to it being blank… why? How do I fix them?

For reference, I’ve even uploaded my FLA file in case someone wants to take a look at my code:

Also, I used the tutorial found on this site at:

Thank you and feel free to contact me via email, AIM, PM, or even just here :slight_smile: