Email Form with Components

Hi all - I have searched and seen similar issues, but not this exact problem, so any help would be greatly appreciated! This last bug is preventing us from going live…

I have a simple flash-to-php form mailer that collects information and sends it to an email address. All of the data that is collected from input text fields works great. However, there are 3 comboboxes that are used and NONE of them send data to the php email form.

In all 3 components, the parameters are as follows:

  1. Editable = false
  2. Labels = [data that I input in the properties box]
  3. Data = []
  4. Row Count = 8
    Change Handler = empty
    ***Data & Change Handler are empty by default and I think that’s where the issue lies, but I have experimented with both of them after much reading and I’m not seeing it. Please help! Thanks!