Email Form

ok, I have a “contact us” part in my website, but I don´t want to call outlook, I want an email form where u can put your name, email and commentary, now where I can find a tut or maybe one already done??, Thanks!!!

firstly (if you havent already) is a php script which intialises email msg input and sends to your inbox. Kirupa does not have an email form script tut because they are usually created by simple html. If you want a flash email form then maybe here but go to yahoo and type: email form and there are plenty. :wink:

i dnno if ppl were going to reply to you except for me because its the wrong forum… newyz

In this attachment you have 2 items. A flash component email form and a flash/php form. have a look :wink:

A search would probably turn up this little number:

Love that tut!