Email forms

hey all.
i have a ?
i need info on a way to make an email form on flash that goes straight to my email box

heres an example


You need a server that will hold Perl scripts… if you have that then I have a script for you.

… or PHP. In which case I have one for you too.

pom 0]

these are all the scripts i have available. now as far as activating them and all that i dont have the slightest clue but if you can help with that as well then bring it on.

That's An Order  
Visitor Pro Guestbook  
Multi User Forums  
Pro Links page  
Graphic Counter  
Vote Script  
Quiz Master  
SFE PageSearch  

pick one and hook me up.

I think, you just need to find out if it’s Unix hosted, or Window’s hosted. I had trouble with the asp on Windows, but found that the PHP and Perl both worked well on Unix Appache servers.

and i would find that out by???

Well it might be in a FAQ if your server provides one. If not, you’ll have to call or Email them.