Hey guys, i just wana know, what actions do you put on a button so that once you press it, the email (outlook express) opens up?



on (press) {
getURL("mailto:[email protected]");


I’ve tried that but nothing happen…
the Outlook won’t open…

i think the problem is in your computer, i tested this script and it is ok, nothing wrong.

could u be specific, what do you mean “problem in the computer”?

Hey Zimbo2, it works, thanks!
If i place my email adress on that, it should go straight to my email account right?? :q:

indojepang: If it didnt work for you, maybe you are testing it by publishing it as an swf, try publishing it as a HTML, it should work then!

Once you place that coding in on the button do this:

File > Publish Preview > HTML

It should work :stuck_out_tongue:

its better to have a form mailer, with a php script :)!

what if I wanna make the email form in a cd Presentation…

it wont work :(, cuz it needs a php enabled host!


what if the cd rom only delivered the text file to mail program, let the mailer send to the eMail account… can I do that???

even in that case, u need a php host, cuz to save into txt, u need php :( :(

well thank u… please don’t be upset for my silly question…