Embed a particular font in all .swf's?

I have index.swf and contact.swf.

I’m using the MovieClipLoader to load contact.swf into index.swf. contact.swf is placed in a movie clip with specific dimensions.

In contact.swf I have:

var myFmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
myFmt.color = 0x444444;
myFmt.font = "CorbelBold";

var metrics:Object = myFmt.getTextExtent("I love flash");

If I start contact.swf directly (not loaded into index.swf) it traces what I want.

If I start index.swf --> contact.swf is loaded into index.swf, then it traces something else. I found out that I have to EMBED the fonts in contact.swf AND index.swf to make it work.

Why do I have to embed the fonts in both .swf’s ?

Thank you