Embed fonts in dynamic TLF textfied which is created during runtime!

Hi Experts,

I have two TLF textfileds in my application. The first TLF textfield is on the stage and the second one is created dynamically during runtime. Now I am able to embed the fonts in the first TLF textfield by using “use device fonts” since it is on stage. The flash player the rendering the data absolutely fine. I want to get the same look and feel for the second TLF textfield which is created dynamically during runtime. I tried so many ways. But it still seems ugly. Please help me out.

Here is the code I am trying.

        var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();                    //Text Format
        fmt.color = 0x000000;
        fmt.font = "Verdana";
        fmt.size = 14;
        fmt.bold = true;
        txt.defaultTextFormat = fmt;                                  //txt is a textfield which is on stage
        txt.text = e.target.xml..textField_stage;//textField_stage is a node in the xml
        txt.wordWrap = true;
        var tlf:TLFTextField=new TLFTextField();
        tlf.x = 80;
        tlf.y= 80;
        tlf.width = 290;
        tlf.height = 200;
        tlf.wordWrap = true;
        tlf.defaultTextFormat = fmt;
        tlf.text = e.target.xml..textField_runtime; //textField_runtime is a node in the xml

Thanks for your help,