Embedded fonts get blurry

I have a masked dynamic text field that load a .txt file on another location on my server. The text get blurry and ugly. Is there a way around this? If I dont embedd the text field my text wont show. :frowning:


The fonts get blurry because of the embedding. My X and Y coordinates are whole numbers like 23.0 and 54.0.
When I take away the embedding the text looks smooth , but I have to have it because of a mask over the movie. OR , DO I?

If you are masking the text then it has to be embedded. Is the textfield inside a movie clip or button?

The text field is on a .swf that is loaded behinde a mask in a empty MC on my main .swf.

The empty movie clip should be on whole number coordinates.

It is on whole numbers. :frowning:

Are you using font size = 8?

I tried out with Arial font size 8 and it got too small , but when I tried my pixel font it got clean and sharp. My only worries are when a visitor without that font installed wants to read the text. What will happend then?

If you embed the text he will see the font even if he doesnt have it installed.