Embedding a text scroller

I have moved well beyond my level of understanding with this one…

I have a small flash file with a text scroller. You can see it here: http://www.gsrdesigns.com/help/history.swf

what i’d like to do is embed this guy in a “main” movie - so one button on my screen says “history” and when you click on it, it calls open this movie (history.swf)

I’m loading the movie by using the command: on (release)loadMovie (“history.swf”, “holder”);

  • where holder is a movie clip that just sits there and waits for me to load things into.

It works great - but the text scroller does not show up. Eveything else does, but the scroller is not visible.

To see, take look at: http://www.gsrdesigns.com/help/intro.swf and click “history”

I’m loading the text in the scroller from an external text file - using the command:


I have a feeling that the 0 level is the problem, but i don’t know what to do - when I change it to 1, nothig shows up in either movie.

Thanks in advance

Try using loadVariables instead of loadVariablesNum.

Something like…

loadVariables(“yourfile.txt”, “_root.TargetTextBox”);

Not sure if it will work… but it is worth a try.

Yes it did! The text now shows up - but it doesn’t scroll. Any ideas why? Thanks for the help - this was def. a move in the right direction.

Hmm, no clue why. What code are you using to scroll? Do you use the right instance names?

ok - i figured it out - thanks for the help!

I don’t know how you fixed it, but it is great you did :slight_smile: