Embedding dynamic fonts and runtime in AS3

I have made a post at my blog that has the source files and a small break down of whats happening and how to use the files.


The hole point of runtime font loading is simple.[LIST]
[]By being able to separate the fonts from the main document you dramatically reduce the file size of the main document and you speed up the time it takes to load.
]You can mange the fonts used with out editing the main document every time you need to change a font.
[]You can load as much or as little as you like at runtime. Save bandwidth on your sever by only loading content when and if it’s needed.
]You can make a library with every font you ever wanted and access it later in your projects. This will speed up production time as you can address fonts used in your projects before you ever need to use them[/LIST]I think people with text editors and others that require a lot of custom fonts will really benafit from this.

Also though I have only one font per swf you could load as many fonts in to a single swf and load that at runtime. I will try to write a more in depth tutorial some other time until then Enjoy.

  • Josh Chernoff :evil2: