Embedding Music and Have It Played Continuously

<embed src="/…/…/music.mp3" width=1000 height=200 autostart=true loop=true>
<bgsound src="/…/…/music.mp3" loop=infinite>

Is there a way I can make the song play throughtout (continuously?) the pages? For example, if a visitor clicks on page 2, the song continues to play where it left off rather than start the song from the beginning on page 2.

frames is the only way i can see to do that. just make a really small frame with no line thing separating it, and no scrolling. then make the sound file there so that any page they go to in the website the song will keep playing.

Although that will get really annoying to a lot of users. I think music has lost is pizaz. I for one almost always turn music off on site. And doing in HTML and not having an option to turn it off will really annoy lots of ppl.