Embedding Quicktime (.mov)

Hello all,
I am so pissed right now at Gates it isn’t funny, if I saw him dying of thurst in the desert, I would give him saltine crackers and beer.
ok so behind my back, the evil empire microsoft dumps the netscape plugin from IE’s newer browsers 5.2 up. in doing so this cripples embedding quicktime. you can read Here
my issue is this new code format isn’t working for me at all. here is my test page http://www.graphicproduction.org/videos/vidtest.html
now on my machine (mac) I see the test vid fine, but on my wifes PC I get the broken plugin icon. now supposedly this is the “code” that works but it isn’t working for me. I am completely floored, I have been trying different versions of the code for days and nothing. Has anybody run into this or am I missing something, cause I’m ready to flay both Gates and Jobs at this point.
Just when there was some sort of equal playing filed on internet vid, this crap comes up… greed sucks :upset: