Embeded FLV video doesn't play when swf is loaded

Hello again. My last question was answered and I can now navigate back and forth between my parent page and the swf page I open in a content loader movie. However the flv files that I have placed in the swf don’t play when that swf is opened in the content loader.

Here is waht I am using on my parent page to open the DVD page in the loader

dvds.onRelease = function(){

On the DVD page, I am then using this code to open up the swf with the video file in that same loader.

playtestimonial.[COLOR=#0000FF]onRelease[/COLOR] = [COLOR=#000000]function[/COLOR]COLOR=#000000[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]{[/COLOR]

The swf subpage opens up fine in the loader but the video doesn’t even show up. When I look at these same swf pages independently, they work fine.

Here is the link to the main page: http://erc.southern.edu
Click on the DVD link to see what I’m talking about.

Finally, here is the link to one of the subpages that works independently but not in the loader: http://erc.southern.edu/dvds/ERCTestimonial.swf

Sorry for the long post, but hope the question is clear. THANKS SOOOO MUCH for any help!