Empowering the externally loaded swf? Please?

I know that this has been discussed elsewhere, but I’m almost to my breaking point and I need to solve this problem.

If I have and externally loaded swf (loaded.swf) and a loader swf (loader.swf), How would I go about calling a function that exists in loader.swf from loaded.swf once it has been loaded?

AS2 - Loader
function pleaseWork(){
trace(“I work”);

AS3 - Loaded

I’m new to AS3, and this seems to be my biggest hurdle yet. I’ve spent hours reading certain aspects of AS3 and haven’t found a clean, simple answer to this question. I’ve been using this method constantly in AS2 and need to find it’s equivalent in AS3.

I’ve tried root.pleaseWork(); as well as MovieClip(root).pleaseWork(); - I’m pretty sure the second shouldn’t have anything to do with it unless… well, I guess I’m just confused.

Thanks for any help.