Empty - New Photo manip

Well i was going threw some pictures I had and came across this girls face and i had to manip it.

Empty 1024x768
Empty 800x600

I have no clue who the photographer is but if any one comes across this pic and finds the name please tell me so i can credit him/her.

So what you guys think of this one?

oooooh, nice.

love the torn paper effect on the cheek.

wow, could be a movie poster :wink:

where did you get the torn paper? u photographed it yourself?

that is way cool dude, i really like the stuff you are producing lately… ( i think i have said this more than once before … lol :stuck_out_tongue: )

Was going to say that the font is hard to read, like too thin , but it actually fits the pic nicely (rough look)… so yeah i cant really find any else to comment on… actually the torn area around the eye, maybe you dont need to go that far up with the torn effect, like have the eye norm and then the torn below the eye, not actually connecting with the eye like you do on the right.



impresive work sintax!
when did u get there!

(**** gotta start coming more often again)

Thanks for all the comments guys. For once i’m creating some stuff that even i like. The paper was just a found image as well. I really wish i knew who took the girls pic so i could show them and credit them.

I have a couple more dark art pieces in the works so we will see how those turn out as well.

I like the dark style you have taken on. I tute or something would be nice - because that really is an awesome pic. I think it’s pretty cool because she looks real, but once you have pulled the skin back you find out she’s paper. It’s weird and interesting.

It was about the Brittle-Bones site. I was saying that Dark Art work like this had no reall merit and was something the world could do without. You tried to convince me that there was a strong technical aspect that you had to respect about it. I’m sure the thread still exists. I was pretty adimate that this kind of work jsut sucked. Guess i’ve come around.


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