Enable a movie clip within a disabled movie clip?

After searching for hours online and not finding anything on my problem, I hope someone here can help me. :slight_smile: I’m a beginner with Flash and my knowledge is limited.

I have a movie clip on my main timeline that has a movie clip within its timeline. The main movie clip (an envelope) is supposed to be clicked once and go to a frame in its timeline (the envelope opens and you get to read the letter inside it). The letter is supposed to be read over several frames using a movie clip (a small arrow) that uses nextFrame.

I realized that I was not getting past the first part of the envelope’s timeline because this small arrow was never getting hit, because the coding for the envelope was overriding it and every time it was hit, it would take you back to the first frame of the envelope’s timeline.

I’ve tried to prevent this by disabling the envelope movie clip after it has been clicked and started to play what it should. But I wanted to have the arrow movie clip remain enabled so that you can still click it and navagate the timeline of the envelope.

I have this on the envelope movie clip:

on (press) {
this.enabled = false;
_root.nextbutton.enabled = true;

I hope what I’m trying to ask makes sense. :frowning: I want to disable clicking of the rest of the movie clip after it’s hit once, but I want to keep a movie clip that’s within this movie clip enabled. Is there a way I can do this?