Enabling a movieclip depending on it's name

Okay. This is all a bit convoluted, so I’ll try to make sense.

I’m creating a christmas calendar in flash, where naturally the movieclips representing days should be activated based on the day of the month.

I’m successfully passing the variable to flash in PHP ( I know because I used a textfield to see if the variable existed.) Then, in a external .as that is loaded after the variable is accepted I have the following code.

for(var i:Number =1; i< dagens; i++){
    aLuker* = eval("nummer"+i);
    aLuker*.onRelease = function():Void {
        detalj.kidsInfo.text = "";
    detalj.kidsNavn.text = "";
    detalj._visible = true;
    var f = new Fuse
    _global.iDagPath = this._name+"/";
    _global.kortnummer = this._name;

    aKidsa*.kid.enabled = false;
        tvBtn.enabled = false;
    spill.enabled = false;
    galleriBtn.enabled = false;

Now bear with me. This code is supposed to enable the clips “nummer1, nummer2, … nummer24”. I know that the aLuker* = eval(“nummer”+i) assignment of the movieclips is correct, as I use the same method earlier in my script to set the text in a textfield inside the movieclip.

What actually happens is that although the variable exists in Flash (as a _global even) flash ignores it and enables all the movieclips.

I’d love some thoughts on this as december first is rapidly approcahing. Also if I’ve been unclear on anything please ask me to clarify/elaborate and I will.