Ending Movies

If I am making an “ineractive multimedia” program, sort of like a web site in a way, but it will be exported as an .exe file. I want to make a button in my movie titled “Exit” and I want that button to close out the .exe file when clicked on. I know its possible threw some “action” in flash 5 but I cant seem to find it. I try using fscommand, “quit” on the button but it does not seem to work, can someone help please???


Ok I found out the answer to the question I asked but I have another one… I want to have the same type of button be able to print. Like if there is a picture there and they could click on a button to print out that certain picture what type of action would I have to do???


If you don’t want people to be able to print all of your Flash (default), use “!#p” in the label of one of your 1st keyframes.
Then, on the image you want allow printing, put “#p” in the label. (! means not, so without it’s yes)
On your print button, assign the script:
on (release){
if ($version != " "){ //this checks for the Flash version,
print(“your image”, “bframe”); //as $version will return
//true only for versions 4 and 5, which allow
// printing, previous versions don’t work.
There are a few other parameters, like a bounding box to ensure you print all of the picture, that can be used, but that’d be to long to explain here, maybe a tutorial?

(!)Be sure that youre image is, in CMYK format for printing. If you don’t know about this format, write back and I’ll attempt to explain a little about how the printing world differs from the web. Unless of course quality on the printout is irrelivant. If so, then the cmyk quality is unimportant.