Enemy positions/movement

The other thread was dead and so I thought I’ld make an example and clearly state what I want to happen:

•When distance between the player and the enemy(s) is below the number 6000 the function should be active. This currently only works if the enemy starts within the distance. If you move up to the enemy and the distance becomes less than 6000 nothing happens, when it should.

• I want to be able to use attachMovie to attach multiple enemys and also set each attached movie a position, rather than all the attached clips having the same position.

• How do I make it so the movieclip faces towards the player when the function is active. Any tutorials on this? So the enemy, when the distance is below 6000 will follow the player and allways point towards it. (rotation?)

•When it is following the player down, rather than in a diagonal path etc, it ‘vibrates’. Would rather not have that if possible.

So please point me to tutorials or check my example attached. You should get a better oversight of what I’m trying to do that way.

Thanks in advance. I hope this is alot clearer than the previous one.