Enhancing your skills

Well today my CCNA certification finally arrived, and am feeling happy about finally to have received it. I know that this certification is not related to what I do now (web designer) or what I would like to accomplish (future web developer, helloo) but it did bring me a sense of accomplishment within the IT field.

Recently I was informed about a institute opening here, which would offer Microsoft related courses and including the ability to get certified as well, yea your probably thinking’ by now, this guy all he want is them cert-if-icats…well no! I was happy to find out that they will be offering the full course list available for the MCAD track, which is the is a MS Certified application developer, and of course I have no experience with .NET or asp nor visual basic and that sort, and they are offering the intro to programming with visual basic.net, and of course the whole package to help you develop web apps, services, xml services, etc etc using MS technology.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this, have you taken these courses before and how much have they helped you further enhance your skills?