Enigmind.com v2 launched

Hello everybody, I would like to share our new .com
All comments are welcome:


Juan C.

Very nice work man. Peak of professionalism. Love the use of colours throughout the site.

I can’t find anything wrong with it… the companys work is really nice also.

Btw, a mod will be moving this to showcase and crit soon.

What camera did you guys use for the INDUMIL site? Really nice photos.

I see a 404 error page. I don’t have Flash, so I suspect it’s a problem with your Flash detection script sending me to the wrong page.

moved thread. Awesome site :thumb:

Looks great. I think that the overlay solution for your ‘the agency’ and ‘contact’ sections is a little bit weak - I’d like to see it better integrated into the site. The scrolling is good - but it takes a while to come to appropriate halt. It makes me think that your equation is something simple like [COLOR=Navy]obj.x += (targX - obj.x) * speed[/COLOR] - and that’s a decent equation but your implementation seems to be taking quite a while to settle to a stop. I think the text in your overlay sections (“WHAT WE DO” for example) is just a tad bit lacking in contrast. The text is a nice light gray, but it’s light enough that it’s a little hard to read.

I’m really nitpicking, it’s a good site so I’m pointing out very minor things. :wink:

Very nice site, love the functionally of it. I am running a 400mhz computer and it behaved very nicely.

Wow - I’m jealous.

Great work (portfolio) and a great way to present it.

Nice job. :thumb:

u got some amazing retouchers on strip poker and a nice interface. what about work culture?

:sen: why?

i love this new enigmind. so big and clean and easy to use. i like the friendly copy too, like “you may also want to” - very clever.

ps: what is that pixel font you’re using? it’s awesome.

As all said: great job.

But I can’t press the links in the portfolio-part? ('Launch Website", etc…)… Is it only me having that problem?

Impressive, great job.

*2 for the why dont you have flash question?

Excellent job guys … very clean very professional. ! Keep it up .

for the “'Launch Website” please allow pop-ups.