Entire Flash Enhanced Website HeLP!

Hey guys, I need to know a website or something that will give me tips or help on making a total Flash Enhanced site. Once in a while I will probably post here for some help in making the site, but if you can give me a site that would help I will thank you and love you and be your eternal sex monkey for all time. Thanks

eternal sex monkey … **** that sounds tempting but i tell you what i’ll fill you in and you don’t even have to give me sex … you can be a monkey though. monkies are cool

this site has numerous tutorials but its pretty hard to do anything in flash without atleast a basic understanding of its tools and how it works. http://www.flashkit.com has .fla files that people have posted … some are full websites that you can download and edit for your own purposes or take them apart to see how they did it.

there are many other sites but your best bet is to go to a search engine like www.google.com and search for “flash tutorials” or something like that.

hope this helps

Thx man!

no problem!

do run a server in anaheim for a game called wfa … i know a guy with the nickname rage that does … just curious if you were the same :slight_smile:

nope srry

If you go here, http://www.xoned.com/pc/Untitled-2.swf , you can see that it keeps looping… how do I make it STOP after it does it one time?

Also, there is this big gap on the left, wtf is that?

Thank you in future reference!

i cant answert this question but if no1 responds make a new thread for each question.

Put a stop action ( stop(); ) on the last frame of your movie!

how exactly do i do that?

Right click on the last frame of your movie in the timeline and select actions. then find the stop action and insert that into the frame.