Erik Natzke's Source Files

  1. Hi

  2. I was just wondering if anyone were able to save some of Erik Natzke’s ( case studies especially Typography… His source files are available through Paypal but such Paypal is not offered in our country (I may not have 80$ to pay for that either ;( ) Hope someone replies…

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you.

I don’t think that if someone bought those files, they would (and should) offer them to you.

Anyway, I couldn’t find that Typography project you mentionned. Where is it?

Ilyas da Pom: That was my initial reaction to the birth of Kazaa.

Umm, not only I am referring to the people who bought his source files, but also to those who were able to FREELY download Natzke’s files prior to having them available for a certain price (since some files were downloadable for free during v.1 and 2)

Anyway, the Typography series 1.0 2.0 and 3.0, most esp. the one where he applied poem to the study…

Oh, I see now…

Typo 1.0 is an actionscripted version of the Actionscript text Animation tutorial here:

Typo 2.0 is available at (I’m pretty sure).

Typo 3.0 I’ve imitated for a battle recently. I’ve attached the fla.

Good luck :slight_smile: