Error #1023, event recursion, stack overflow, please help!

I’ve searched where I could think to search, but I still don’t know exactly how to get around this problem I’m having…

I have a class (CB) that contains three instances of another class (VS). I’ll just focus on one of them for now.

When I change a particular value in the VS instance, I need to pass the change up to the CB instance. I tried creating a custom dispatchEvent, but it kept throwing stack overflow errors and something about event recursion.

Is there a simpler way to do this without creating a custom event dispatcher? Or what am I doing wrong with the event dispatcher that’s causing all these problems? The event fires every time the mouse is moved (if a button in the VS instance is being pressed), if that makes a difference.

I deleted the code because it was driving me nuts, but if it helps to have an example, I can recreate it. I’m relatively new to AS3 (and not all that well-versed in AS2, if I’m honest), but I’m trying! Thanks for any help anyone can provide!