Error #2007: Parameter text must be non-null

Hi, this may be somehow a common error, but I couldn’t track down where is the problem.

I’m getting the following error trying to use a code to randomly pick a quote from a xml file. The flash/code works fine, however in IE eventually the error shows up which is really annoying. In Firefox it seems like everything is working fine.

The error is:

TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter text must be non-null.
at flash.text::TextField/set text()
at quotes_fla::MainTimeline/rotateQuote()
at flash.utils::Timer/flash.utils:Timer::_timerDispatch()
at flash.utils::Timer/flash.utils:Timer::tick()

import caurina.transitions.Tweener;
var quote:Array = new Array();
var totalQuotes:Number;
quoteMC.alpha = 0;
var rotateTimer:Timer = new Timer(5000, 100);//rotates the quote every 2 seconds for 100 times
rotateTimer.addEventListener("timer", rotateQuote);//add a listener to the timer
rotateTimer.start();// start the timer
function init():void {
    var quotesXML:XML = new XML();
    quotesXML.ignoreWhitespace = true;
    var XMLURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest("flash/quotes1.xml");
    var myLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(XMLURL);
    myLoader.addEventListener("complete", xmlLoaded);
    function xmlLoaded(event:Event):void {
        quotesXML = XML(;
        totalQuotes = quotesXML.quote.length();
        for (var i:int = 0; i < quotesXML.quote.length(); i++) {
            quote* = quotesXML.quote*.text;
        var initRandom:Number = randomNumber(0, totalQuotes);
        Tweener.addTween(quoteMC, {alpha:1, time:5});
        quoteMC.quote_txt.text = String(quote[initRandom]);
function rotateQuote(evt:TimerEvent) {
    quoteMC.alpha = 0;
    Tweener.addTween(quoteMC, {alpha:1, time:5});
    quoteMC.quote_txt.text = "";
    var randomness:Number = randomNumber(0, totalQuotes);
    quoteMC.quote_txt.text = quote[randomness];
function randomNumber(low:Number, high:Number):Number {
    var low:Number = low;
    var high:Number = high;
    return Math.round(Math.random() * high - low) + low;

I’m totally new at as3 so any help will be welcome.
Thanks in advance.